Through the company Ecclesia, Kommunion helps the Church of Norway and local Norwegian government with cemetery services - giving computer support to millions of records of deceased and their relatives, alongside professional mapping solutions as well as invoicing solutions seeing annual revenues close to 100M USD on behalf of our clients.

In 2003 Kommunion was awarded the task of adapting and recreating a cemetery management system as a purely web based application. At the time, this was a revolutionary project - as most did not expect to have major systems entirely built with web technology. In the beginning, several of the rural clients didn´t even have a broadband connection available in their town.

In 2004 the system was released to the public to much acclaim, and the adaptation rates exceeded all expectations of both Kommunion and the owner - Ecclesia Systems inc. Kommunion also offered management services to Ecclesia to help acquire a larger competitor with inferior technology. This was done with much success, and today, more than 70% of cemetery management services in Norway is performed with the Ecclesia system.

System invoices for about 100M USD every year

The system includes a lot of functionality. An abbreviated list would be:

  • Overview of deceased
    • including relatives
    • tombstones
  • Complete invoicing system with a full set of integration with other systems from vendors like Visma, Agresso, Evry, Uni Micro etc.
    • System invoices for about 100 M USD every year
  • Complete, super fast vector based mapping system - made from scratch - and to date it outperforms all commercial GIS systems out there on the specific tasks of doing web based mapping and presentation based on geographical data of burial places.
  • Handling of care for burial grounds - flowers, watering, trimming etc. Including full handling of funds - with transactions, interests etc.
  • Administration of cremation with bar code scanners for advanced process support
  • Full integration with Norwegian public records of people (Folkeregisteret)
  • Integration with sites for the public to search, and for burial agencies (undertakers) to get extended information.
  • The system holds several million records of people - both deceased and relatives.

The system is being offered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model where everything is included.

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